Amateur Super Mom - Strive for Happiness, Not Perfection
Amateur Super Mom
Amateur Super Mom - Our Mission

The goal of Amateur Super Mom is to empower

overwhelmed moms to reclaim themselves,

their sanity, and ultimately their happiness

by embracing our core values.

Super Moms are fictional

and the paradigm unachievable.

We believe that we should be striving

for happiness… not perfection.

Motherhood is messy, motherhood is hard,

but motherhood should be the most enjoyable

and rewarding experience of your life.

We are all just AMATEURS

trying each day to be the best

moms possible for our children.

Amateur Super Mom Core Values
Amateur Super Mom Core Values - Family and Love

Above all else, an Amateur Super Mom values love and family. Her family will always be her number one priority.

Amateur Super Mom Core Values - Self Care

An Amateur Super Mom knows that when she takes care of herself (body, mind and soul), she has much more to give to her family, friends and community.

Amateur Super Mom Core Values - Growth

An Amateur Super Mom knows that there is always room to improve and consistently works to learn and grow into the best mother she can be.

Amateur Super Mom Core Values - Inclusion

An Amateur Super Mom knows some families have more difficulties. She supports & includes families whose members have disabilities, illness, special needs or hardships.

Amateur Super Mom Core Values - Community

An Amateur Super Mom knows the value of her village. She supports other mothers and accepts help when needed.

Amateur Super Mom Core Values - Diversity

An Amateur Super Mom knows that each mother is unique and respects all mothers regardless of race, age, religion, or lifestyle.

Amateur Super Mom Core Values - Self Acceptance

An Amateur Super Mom embraces and celebrates her own worth and individuality. She works to avoid comparing herself to other moms.

Amateur Super Mom Core Values - Humor

An Amateur Super Mom doesn’t take herself too seriously. Humor feeds her soul and laughter is the best medicine (wine helps too).

Stop Suffering in Silence

Motherhood can be hard, but it should still make you feel happy and rewarded. Join our community and allow us to help support you on your journey. If you ever feel lost, overwhelmed or depressed, it is alright to ask for help. Of all the types of communities in the world, no one knows and can empathize quite like mothers.

Please check out our resources for our specialized support groups, programs and coaching services to help get you through rough patches. You will be on your way to enjoying motherhood before you know it!

Amateur Super Mom Badge
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The Amateur Super Mom Community

This is a closed group for those pledged to honor their role as AMATEUR Super Moms.

Let’s learn to navigate motherhood together! Here we will share advice, feedback, support and laughs. Keep an eye open for LIVE Seminars and Q&As with our experts, guests and contributors!

Amateur Super Mom - KC Johnson
Amateur Super Mom - Meet KC

Founder of Amateur Super Mom

KC is a mother of three, blogger, coach, mentor, nerd, world explorer, daydreamer, planner and a self-love & family fitness advocate. She is adventurous, crazy, passionate, crafty, athletic, sometimes inappropriate and… a bit neurotic.

She started Amateur Super Mom to motivate others, provide resources to overwhelmed moms, promote inclusion + awareness, deter judgement, encourage self care, and share a few laughs.

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Amateur Super Mom - Take the Pledge
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