Your one-stop resource for rocking motherhood!

Creating a community of moms sharing their strengths, acknowledging others, accepting ourselves and providing advice and resources for anyone struggling …all with a healthy dose of motivation and humor!
Let’s work together to live positive, fit and happy!

The goal in creating Amateur Super Mom is to reach out to all of those women and moms who want to learn from my super-mom moments, share their own triumphs, vent about the bad, and seek help in our troubles. I struggled quite a bit in early motherhood battling depression, anxiety and self-doubt. In overcoming my demons, I found happiness, confidence and a desire to help others. I’m hoping that we can learn from each other and evolve into the happiest, healthiest, best possible versions of ourselves.

Let’s learn to navigate motherhood together with positivity, acceptance, and humor!

I acknowledge that I am not an expert in all things mom-related, and I have had to rely on others to support me. Once I realized that seeking help made me stronger as a mother and not a failure, I began to reduce my own stress levels and enjoy my life. To make Amateur Super Mom a one-stop source for rocking motherhood, I will be having contributions from my go-to gurus providing additional advice, motivation and resources for you. I will also seek out guest bloggers and interview experts to ensure my content always remains relevant and beneficial.

You will notice that a great deal of my website is devoted to health and fitness. This is a huge priority in my life, as it helped make me the confident, happy mother that I am today. Fitness to me is the whole package – body, mind and soul. I feel that taking care of myself makes me a better mother. Too often we put our family’s needs and schedules above our own interests and well being. When we are taking care of ourselves, we have more to give back, set a positive example for our children, and are better able to navigate difficult situations.

Lastly, I wanted to share that the Amateur Super Mom Team was created to provide mothers with all the coaching, tools, and resources necessary to make motherhood easier and more enjoyable. Parenting advice, positivity & empowerment, grief & loss counseling, and my nutrition & fitness coaching will be among the services we offer. Our team will also work on creating a more inclusive and less judgmental environment for mothers and their families to thrive. I want you to learn to live by my mantra and set the example for others: Stay Positive, Stay Fit, Stay Happy!