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Embody Love Movement

In alignment with the vision and mission of the Embody Love Movement, Namaste Happy is determined to utilize unconditional love in action to create a world where everyone can be seen for who they are.

By recognizing & honoring inner beauty and committing to kindness, we believe that we can empower women and girls to contribute to profound change in the community and the world.

Embody Love Workshops

Namaste Happy is proud to offer Embody Love Programs. These transformative workshops take participants on an interactive journey toward self-acceptance. The goal is for participants to set new intentions about how they feel, think, and speak to themselves and others. Participants are offered the opportunity to engage in process experiences in which they explore their internalized beliefs about beauty and self-worth and are given the tools to understand that these negative beliefs have a detrimental impact on their viewing themselves as purposeful and worthy.

Transformational workshops for girls/teens/women:

EMBODY LOVE WORKSHOP™ (Ages 18 and up)


LOVE IN SHINE OUT™ (Ages 7-11)

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Positive Fit Happy - Embody Love Workshop
Embody Love Workshop | Positive Fit Happy
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