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Amateur Super Mom - Life as a Mom Cliche

What is a mom cliché? I often stop to think what makes me unique as a mother or as a mom blogger. Unfortunately, my initial thought is that I am not all that different in what I offer or stand for. In fact, I am the stereotypical overwhelmed mombie masquerading as a Super Mom whenever possible. I am no different than most modern American moms, except in one significant way.

I am me. I am awesome. I have my own voice, my own opinions, my own point of view and my own humor. Actually… I am the most hilarious person I know. I don’t even need you to laugh at my jokes, because I already am.

Being a Mom Cliché

So how is it possible to be a mom cliché and totally unique? I don’t know. Haha! (see already laughing at my own jokes!)

Well, I suppose it is our individuality that unites us. While we may have many things in common (such as sharing the adventure that is motherhood!), we have enough differences to create diversity which provides value and strength to our village.

When I was contemplating my place in the village, I tried to think about what makes me valuable. If I want moms to join me and grow my tribe, I realized I should share a bit about what makes me a mom cliché and what makes me… me.

My Mom Cliché Traits

My kids are my favorite people (which is why I talk about them so much)

Survive by Target, Costco and Amazon Prime

Fueled by coffee & wine

Obsessed with funny or inspirational graphic tees and drinkware

Love to bake

Often put myself last

Waver between being a super mom and hot mess


By the way, how cute is the mom life mug above from Pegasus Parchments? That mama makes so much cute stuff!


A bit more about me… Let’s see what we have in common!

I am awkward, neurotic, very silly, often inappropriate, and quite KrAzY! You can learn more about my story here but here is some silliness to start you off.

Hobbies: baking, running, yoga, reading, crafting, travel and seeking life experiences

Wanderluster: I hope to travel to all the corners of the Earth and eventually retire in Italy

Favorite Colors: turquoise, gold and lavender

Dream BFF: Neil Patrick Harris or Nathan Fillion

Spirit Animal: Kristen Bell (is that allowed?)

Favorite Foods: sushi, pizza, quinoa, enchiladas and cheese (yes cheese… Read More)

Favorite Drinks: coffee and wine! I love wine, wheat beer, and enjoy the occasional cocktail. But I only drink socially on weekends and special occasions (although that is defined loosely and often includes obscure holidays)

Favorite Shows: Psych (of course), HIMYM, Big Bang, TWD, GoT, Dexter and Gilmore Girls (anyone else want to move to Stars Hollow?)

Favorite Animals: penguins, owls and elephants

Lavender Obsessed: I love the smell, sight and taste of lavender (and it’s calming effects)

Disney Fanatic: obsessed with all things Disney, especially Beauty and the Beast

Fears: spiders, snakes, and opening champagne bottles or crescent roll tubes

Total Nerd: love Harry Potter, comic book movies, Star Wars, most fantasy books & movies, and can recite most of LOTR

Love to Read: romantic classics, fantasy, self-help and even young adult (guilty pleasures)

My “5” (a Friend’s reference): Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Jude Law and Gal Gadot (yeah you read that right)

Foul Mouthed: I curse… a lot. If you haven’t heard me drop an f-bomb or other expletive, just know it took great mental fortitude to hold it in. However, it was proven that those who use profanity are more honest… I must be really honest.

The less fun stuff: I am a perfectionist, often to my detriment. I suffer from anxiety that I TRY to manage with healthy lifestyle, meditation and therapy. And I frequently suffer from self-doubt.

So tell me: do we share anything in common? Could I be your spirit animal or future BFF? =P

How can my experience as a mom cliché help you?

It is easy for my content to get lost in the vast sea of mom blogs. No matter how relevant the topic is or well written the post, no one may ever see it. I am not here to revolutionize motherhood. I just want to do my part to make the life easier and happier for as many overwhelmed moms as I can.

I am pulling together my research, resources and experiences for you. Plus sharing my village- the moms who are experts in fields beneficial to mothers. I hope to serve you by posting about topics that overwhelmed mothers need, topics that changed my life for the better: self-care, parenting advice & hacks, family & household managements, kid stuff, mom life and fun… it wouldn’t be me if humor wasn’t at the forefront of everything I do.

Are you also a mom cliché?

I would love for you to be a part of my Amateur Super Mom Community. I value every mother who joins us because there is no one else like you in the group. Every one of our tribe has different insights and experiences that help make our tribe strong and unique.  If you don’t quite know what an Amateur Super Mom is, you can read about it here. Learn about My Mission and Values to see if I have the blog and tribe for you. If you find that you are an Amateur Super Mom like us, Take the ASM Pledge and join our community!

All the best,




What characteristics do you value in your tribe? What do you love most about yourself?

Please share your thoughts and your individual spark with us!

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Your vibe attracts your tribe. Coffee, wine and Amazon Prime. Chaos Coordinator. You know you are drawn to them... why not embrace it!
Are you a mom cliche like me? Don't deny it! Embrace it! Let's laugh our way though motherhood!
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