Walk, jog, or run your way to better health & happiness!


Our primary goal is to encourage people everywhere to get up and get moving!

Positive Fit Happy - Training Programs

You are in the right place if you are looking to…

  • start a running regimen.
  • train for your first (or fastest) 5k, 10k or half marathon.
  • find a local community for support or to find running buddies.
  • support your health, wellness and happiness through running.

At Namaste Happy, we promote a recreational approach to running.

Running to us is about health, community, stress-relief and fun.

We strive for happiness, not perfection.


We offer training programs and coaching for new, returning or intermediate runners. Options include run/walk programs, running/endurance programs and programs for speed.

If you are looking for a competitive running coach or assistance training for marathon, ultra or multi-sport events, please contact us to be directed to alternative coaches in your area.


Namaste Happy primarily encourages a recreational or community-based running lifestyle.

FREE Printable Programs are available below.

If you or your group are looking for a customized plan (training for a specific event or with specific needs/cross training in mind), please contact us for a consultation or pricing.

Positive Fit Happy | Run Coaching


*We are in the process of updating all of our training plans. Check back in November 2018*

Positive Fit Happy | 5k Training Plan Printable | Run Walk
Positive Fit Happy | 5k Training Plan Printable | Beginner Running
Positive Fit Happy | 5k Training Plan Printable | Speed
Positive Fit Happy | 10k Training Plan Printable | run walk
Positive Fit Happy | 10k Training Plan Printable | running
Positive Fit Happy | 10k Training Plan Printable | speed
Positive Fit Happy | Half Marathon Training Plan Printable | run walk
Positive Fit Happy | Half Marathon Training Plan Printable | running
Positive Fit Happy | Half Marathon Training Plan Printable | speed


Find a running buddy, group or just an online community!

Achieve your running goals faster with community & support from a local running group or club.

Runners are some of the most welcoming and encouraging groups around. But be warned… you are likely to become addicted!

While there are many programs to choose from, Namaste Happy loves MRTT and RRCA.

Moms RUN This Town / She RUNS This Town

FREE  Running Groups for moms/women


Road Runners Club of America

Whatever your goals may be, joining a​n RRCA member running club can help you achieve your running and fitness goals while providing a great social network in a supportive environment.

Amateur Super Mom - Meet KC
KC Johnson | Positive Fit Happy | Amateur Super Mom

KC is a mom, blogger, yogini, runner and a self-care & family fitness advocate. She teaches yoga, builds & coaches running programs, and leads workshops on empowerment, mindfulness and self-care. KC’s goal is to inspire people everywhere to strive for happiness, not perfection.

KC believes that we should nourish ourselves – body, mind and heart. This means that we should treat our bodies well with healthy food choices, some form of activity/exercise and rest. But it also means we need to nourish our hearts and souls. For that, we need family time, friends, occasional indulgences and laughter. After all, laughter is the best medicine… but wine helps too =P

Through her blog, programs and instruction, she hopes to encourage everyone to be more positive, active and mindful; but she has a particular affinity towards helping moms and families. She was inspired to start her business and blog Amateur Super Mom after struggling herself with depression, body image and an unhealthy lifestyle. It was not the mindset she wanted to pass down to her children. Through engaging in healthy group activities, such as her running club and yoga practice, she was not only able to restore her body & mind to health & happiness, but she discovered the power of community in supporting a healthy, fulfilling life. This community she hopes to build and support through her online platform and her classes and workshops.

KC’s Namaste Happy Movement promotes positive body image, self-acceptance, health and fitness – body, mind and heart– through self-care, community, mindfulness, an active lifestyle, and laughter!

Learn More.

Amateur Super Mom - Strive for Happiness, Not Perfection