In addition to being contributors to our content, each member of our team offers a service a mother may need.  Just as every family is greatly varied, no two mothers are alike. Each of us has various strengths and weaknesses. It is time we stopped comparing ourselves to other mothers or trying to live another mother’s life. Let’s learn to lean on each other and see other mom’s strengths as resources, not a reflection of our own inadequacies.

More importantly, it is time that we stop suffering in silence. You are not a failure as a mother if you are not able to handle a situation or keep everything running smoothly day after day. It is okay to ask for help, it is okay to share the load, and it is crucial for you to take care of yourself.

We are working together to help everyone learn to live positive, fit & happy!

AB+Me - Katie Ball

Katie Ball

Inclusion + Awareness Advocate

Susan Stone Belton

Family Parenting Coach, Motivational Speaker

Angie Cherry Profile Picture

Angie Cherry

Health & Wellness Coach

Dr. Tara May

Grief Coach: Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Divine Grace Buszka

Intuitive Guidance & Spiritual Life Coach

Dr. Zoe Shaw

Life and Relationship Coach