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Unravel the myth

The Goal of Yoga

(No, it’s not the handstand)

“The yoga pose is not the goal. Becoming flexible is not the goal. Standing on your hands is not the goal.

The goal is to create space where you were once stuck. To unveil the layers of protection you’ve build around your heart. To appreciate your body and become aware of the mind aand the noise it creates. To make peace with who you are.

The goal is to love, well… YOU!

Come to your yoga mat to feel; not to accomplish. Shift your focus and your heart will grow.”

-Rachel Brathen

Benefits of Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga is not just an exercise for physical fitness or flexibility. It is a practice of self-care, integrity, mindfulness, and connection.

Yoga increases immunity, regulates blood pressure & hormone balance, reduces stress, improves sleep, eases pain, boosts self-esteem, and makes you… happy!

Yoga is for EVERYONE!

The practice of yoga is accessible to everyone regardless of age, physical fitness, flexibility, gender or body type!

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Make your next event unique and memorable!

Yoga is a great activity to bring people together. From kids parties to moms-night-out, the opportunities to integrate yoga are endless! The class or presentation is customized to your needs and theme!

Make the birthday girl the star of her own yoga adventure!

Make the bachelorette party a bonding experience… and then switch to cocktails!

Bring stress-relief to your employees at a company event!


Packages start at $75.

Contact us to check availability and discuss pricing your event.


  • Kids birthdays
  • Expo or Tradeshows
  • Club or Group Events
  • Preschool Celebrations
  • Kid Camps
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Moms-Night Out
  • Community Festivals
  • Employee Appreciation Days


  • Stress Relief
  • Detox
  • New Moms/Post-Natal
  • Self-Care/Body Care
  • Relaxation
  • Astrology & Moon Cycle
  • Nature or Animals
  • Kids (fairies, super hero, etc)
  • and many more!

WARNING: Yoga has been known to cause health and happiness.


Deepen your yoga practice with one-on-one attention!

If you are looking to deepen your practice or learn the fundamentals of yoga with more individualized attention, private or small group sessions are for you. With direction from your instructor, you will learn how the poses will look and feel in your body- helping keep you safe and getting the most out of your practice.

Yoga is not just about the physical poses or shapes; we will help you connect with your breath, properly engage your core and direct the energies of the subtle body. With one-on-one attention, your instructor can help correct alignment, find appropriate modifications, reduce pain, prevent injury, and deepen your understanding of the mind-body connection.


Studio Sessions

Locations in NE Portland, Washougal, Downtown Vancouver, and Fisher’s Landing (subject to studio schedule and availability).

Remote or In-Home Sessions

Sessions can be held at the location of your choice – your home, business, school or even a park.

*Surcharges may apply to locations outside the Vancouver, WA area


Private sessions range from $50-150/hr (based on location, instructor, and specific needs)

Small-Group Sessions range from $75-$150/hr

Contact us to check availability and discuss pricing your session. A

Ask about package discounts!

Positive Fit Happy Yoga | Private Sessions
Students have opted for private instruction for many reasons, including:
  • Learning the fundamentals of yoga
  • Overcoming insecurities before attending studio classes
  • Customizing a program (sport or activity-specific support)
  • Managing a specific health issue (such as lower back pain, stress/detoxing or hormone imbalance)
  •  Help modifying or accessing poses (due to injury, physical limitations or body awareness)
  • Deepening your practice (asana/pose studies, energetics or mind+body connection)
Amateur Super Mom - Meet KC
KC Johnson | Positive Fit Happy | Amateur Super Mom

KC is a mom, blogger, yogini, runner and a self-care & family fitness advocate. She teaches yoga, builds & coaches running programs, and leads workshops on empowerment, mindfulness and self-care. KC’s goal is to inspire people everywhere to strive for happiness, not perfection.

KC believes that we should nourish ourselves – body, mind and heart. This means that we should treat our bodies well with healthy food choices, some form of activity/exercise and rest. But it also means we need to nourish our hearts and souls. For that, we need family time, friends, occasional indulgences and laughter. After all, laughter is the best medicine… but wine helps too =P

Through her blog, programs and instruction, she hopes to encourage everyone to be more positive, active and mindful; but she has a particular affinity towards helping moms and families. She was inspired to start her business and blog Amateur Super Mom after struggling herself with depression, body image and an unhealthy lifestyle. It was not the mindset she wanted to pass down to her children. Through engaging in healthy group activities, such as her running club and yoga practice, she was not only able to restore her body & mind to health & happiness, but she discovered the power of community in supporting a healthy, fulfilling life. This community she hopes to build and support through her online platform and her classes and workshops.

KC’s Namaste Happy Movement promotes positive body image, self-acceptance, health and fitness – body, mind and heart– through self-care, community, mindfulness, an active lifestyle, and laughter!

Learn More.

Hear from our clients

“I have been working with KC to improve my strength, flexibility and mobility (I have two toddlers). While my fitness and abilities have increased greatly, I am most impressed by how confident and happy I feel now. KC really helped me with my mind-body connection and makes me want to bring positivity into all aspects of my life.”

Carla MontrosePrivate Sessions

“KC, your flow was AMAZING and happy! Your confidence is motivating, and I so appreciate your assertion that we all deserve happiness. Thank you for the reminder. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to meet you.”

Deena GodwinYogini and Mom

“KC came out and did a private yoga class for our mom's club. Everyone had an amazing time and left with a smile on their face. With a focus on stress-relief and mom life, the class was perfect for our group. It was relaxing, fun and motivating. KC really understands the needs of moms both physically and mentally. Thank you KC for your attention and heart.”

BrittneyYoga for Moms Group

“We had KC run a nature-themed yoga party for my son's 6th birthday. The kids had a blast on their yoga adventure and my son loved being a part of the story. Everyone was laughing and being silly. KC is great at keeping the kids entertained and focused. We would definitely have her back again!”

Jen SpaethKids Yoga Birthday
Amateur Super Mom - Strive for Happiness, Not Perfection